1. #6 Almanac

    Almanac is Wikipedia meets reddit. This is still an ongoing project and will be launched at Almanac.io

  2. Thank you all for supporting us!

    After all of our experiments with Lean Startups we have decided to focus our energy on Lifebox.

    Lifebox makes it dead easy to record automatically everything you do in your day.

    You can find it at www.lifeboxapp.com

  3. #5 Local Challenge

    Our first facebook app. Local Challenge is a individually created quiz crafted for any location on earth. We made this to try and direct traffic to Yellow Fridge.

    You can check it out here 

  4. #4 Lean Feedback

    This was our entry for the 2012 Syd Start Hackathon. Its a frame that surrounds your website and allows people to browse interesting startups and ideas and give feedback.

    You can find a limited version of the app at leanfeedback.com

  5. #3 Yellow Fridge

    Our third startup and winner of the 2012 Sensis API Hackathon.. Find the best place to eat by ranking restaurants based on their social media presence. 

    You can the article about it here

    Yellow Fridge has quite a few users but it never reached the critical mass to become successful.

  6. #2 Picply Launch

    Picply is live! We show you a demo of the finished site and explain how we think it will be used. What are you waiting for? Go and post your image there right now!  

  7. #2 Picply Alpha 

    Our newest idea that lets you reply to webcam pictures with a webcam picture of your own. Its simple, silly and a whole lot of fun. We will be launching it soon, stay tuned!

  8. #1 uniEvents Launch

    We launch our first startup, uniEvents. It pulls in events automatically from Facebook and displays it in a simple, easy to read feed. So you can easily see what place would be the best to go for an awesome night on the town. 

  9. #0 Introduction

    First video is out!! Check it out to find out what we are about and what we are trying to do. Our first startup is coming up soon!